Action group for judicial transparency, justice reforms and human rights.

core team

Ronald Rebello – Founder

I am a Social Activist and a regular Press letter-writer with special interest in justice reforms, food security and Adivasi struggles. Founder of Justice Corps, an action group advocating judicial transparency, justice reforms and human rights, I am also a volunteer with the Rationing Kruti Samiti, a federation of 230 groups/NGOs working on improving the Public Distribution System.

I have done my graduation (BSW) from prestigious Nirmala Niketan – College of Social Work and later a short study on “Globalisation and its Discontents” in Department of Political Science at Stockholm University, Sweden. Currently I am pursuing LL.B at New Law College, Mumbai.

I have been fortunate to get exposure to 13 states of India and 6 countries and numerous peoples movements for justice, equality and dignity.

I live in Bombay and can be contacted at:

Email: yoursfrankly@rediffmail.com, ronaldrebello@gmail.com
Mobile: 9869828619
Blog: http://yoursfrankly.blogspot.com

Sanket Kashid – Co Founder

I did my Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) from Nirmala Niketan – College of Social Work. Now I am doing my LLB from New Law College, Matunga, Mumbai. Currently working in Centre for Education & Documentation as a Documentalist, which is a unique documentation centre on various social and developmental issues.

You can contact me at:
Email: sanket_dost2000@yahoo.co.in, sanketdostster@gmail.com
Mobile: 9869 946 890

Hemant Morajkar – Member

I am a journalist, not yet “broken into the business” as they would put it. I believe in the competence of the fourth estate, a mirror of our collective social conscience, to bring about a significant change in the society. Also, I am a vehement supporter of independent and alternative media which are inclusive of diverse perspectives.

I am committed to the cause of judicial reforms and human rights. I feel that by creating awareness about this issue amongst a veritable cross section of our heterogeneous social fabric we can ‘expedite’ the process of ensuring justice for all.

I am a biotechnology graduate and a freelance journalist.

You can contact me at:
E-mail: hemantmorajkar@gmail.com, vnny20@yahoo.co.in
Mobile: 9819 412 133
Blogs: http://inretrospection.blogspot.com , http://tbi2006.blogspot.com (The Biotech Initiative)

Ganesh Sodaye – Member

You can contact me at:
E-mail: ganesh.comrade@gmail.com
Telephone C/o : 240 327 51

Ramesh Kadam – Member

Ramesh is a full time activist with the Rationing Kruti Samiti, a federation of 230 NGOs and CBOs working for food security through the public distribution system in Maharashtra.

He also holds a key position in the Police-Janta Parivartan Dal, a voluntary organization involved in legal-awareness, facilitating police and public friendship.

Ramesh is also connected with various unions.

You can contact me at:
Mobile: 989 254 0052

Shabana Shaikh – Member

Shabana is an activist with Women’s Research and Action Group (WRAG) and is a stuent of third year LL.B at the Advani Law College in Mumbai. She is involved in the campaign for sensitive and equal laws for Muslim women. Shabana is involved in many community-oriented activities.

You can contact me at:
Mobile: 922 348 5531


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