Action group for judicial transparency, justice reforms and human rights.

contact us

Office E-mail: justicecorps@gmail.com

Office Address: 28 Sunrise (552), Samta Nagar, Kandivli (East), Mumbai – 400 101.

Yahoo e-Group:

Subscribe:           justicecorps-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Post message:     justicecorps@yahoogroups.com

Member Contact Details:

Ronald Rebello (founder)

Email: yoursfrankly@rediffmail.com, ronaldrebello@gmail.com

Mobile: 9869828619

Blog: http://yoursfrankly.blogspot.com

Sanket Kahid (Co Founder)

Email: sanket_dost2000@yahoo.co.in, sanketdostster@gmail.com

Mobile: 9869 946 890

Ganesh Sodaye

E-mail: ganesh.comrade@gmail.com

Mobile:C/o: 240 327 51

Ramesh Kadam

Mobile: 989 254 0052

Shabana Shaikh

Mobile: 922 348 5531

Hemant Morajkar

E-mail: hemantmorajkar@gmail.com, vnny20@yahoo.co.in

Mobile: 9819 412 133

Blogs: inretrospection.blogspot.com, tbi2006.blogspot.com (The Biotech Initiative)


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