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DailyIndia.com reports JC’s letter to CJI

Posted by justicecorps on January 18, 2007

The letter written by Justice Corps to the Chief Justice of India criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision to exclude itself from Right to Information Act, 2005, was reported by DailyIndia.com on their website.

Also, it is being circulated by Associated News India (ANI) which implies that it would reach numerous media groups officially.

Although this may be a small acknowledgement of our work, we hope to initiate a wider debate on this issue and demand that the Supreme Court recognizes and adopts RTI, keeping in mind the principles with which this Act was implemented.

See letter:



‘Justice Corps’ criticizes SC for seeking exemption from RTI Act

New Delhi, Jan 16 (ANI): An action group for judicial transparency, justice reforms and human rights– Justice Corps– has criticised the Supreme Court for seeking exemption from the Right to Information Act (RTI Act).

In a letter sent today to Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan, the judges of the Supreme Court and all the High Courts, the group said that the apex court should not adopt “double standards” by passing numerous judgments upholding citizens’ right to information on the one hand and “shying away” from the RTI Act on the other.

“We learn through media reports that the Supreme Court is not receptive to the Right to Information Act and the SC wants to be exempted from the RTI Act for any information which, in the opinion of the Chief Justice of India or his nominee, may “adversely affect or interfere or tend to interfere with the independence of the judiciary or administration of justice”. In addition, the SC has recommended that a decision by the CJI under the Act should not be subjected to further appeal before the CIC,” said the letter.

“We are of the opinion that the above hostility towards the RTI Act of the Supreme Court amounts to double standards adopted by the SC, of late…We therefore condemn this irresponsible attitude of the Supreme Court towards the Right to Information Act. We want to remind the judges that they are not Lords provided with any special exemptions. They are public servants meant to serve the public and are very much accountable to the people,” it added.

They went on to say that the Judges owe much more accountability to the people because “at least corrupt, derelict, inefficient, uncouth politicians can be thrown out by the people every five years during election time, but corrupt, derelict, inefficient, uncouth public servants like IAS, IPS, and Judges rule over the public for more than 25-30 years”.

“The judiciary must know that it too is being watched by the public and it too is accountable to the public, being one major pillar of democracy. Like bureaucrats who wanted to escape file notings, if the courts prefer to escape the Right to Information Act, then all the judgments of various HCs and the SC on right to information will be nothing but mere pontifications,” they said. (ANI)

Accessed on: 17th January, 2007
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Justice Corps Criticises Sc for seeking exemption from RTI Act


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