Action group for judicial transparency, justice reforms and human rights.

about justice corps


“Nothing rankles more in the human heart than a brooding sense of injustice. Illness we can put up with, but injustice makes us want to pull things down”.

Justice Brenan


Justice Corps is a team of young and dynamic individuals committed to the field of social activism. It is not registered as an organisation under the various “NGO laws”. The organisation describes itself as an Action Group, while aspiring to become a movement.

While beginning the organisation it was envisioned that the organisation will culminate into a movement and this aspiration is live among team members. Slowly and gradually, the organisation plans to have members in various states and districts of the country with zonal and district representatives. The idea is to advocate judicial transparency, justice reforms in various districts of the country and not confine to one particular region as the problems are the same in every part of the country.

As of today, there is no organisation working in the country solely for reforming the justice system and ensuring its transparency. There are a few groups, a few rare individuals, peoples movements here and there who will take up one aspect of justice system and not more than that. For instance, a women’s organisation will take up one aspect of the justice system, namely that of having women judges for victims of rape. Similarly a right to information movement may take up implementation of the Right to Information Act by the judiciary, while a Dalit movement will question the deliberate practice of swearing-in upper caste judges first before Dalit judges and so on. These organisations will not holistically address the issue of judicial reform such as double shift in courts, abolition of court holidays, citizens charter for judiciary, compulsory internship for law students, implementation of right to information Act by judiciary etc. Besides the above, there are many individuals concerned about the issue but are afraid of addressing the same or raising voice against judicial corruption and injustice due to fear of the Contempt law which penalises a person even if s/he speaks the truth.

We feel that Judiciary is one of the pillars in a democracy and that if the legal system is diseased then justice suffers and problems deteriorate. If the justice system breaks down, then law and order breaks down, democracy breaks down. People are frustrated with the system and resort to extra – judicial methods and/or take law into their own hands. These extra judicial methods may be either approaching a local goon or political strongman or joining Naxalities consequently leading to further increase in crime and lawlessness.

The issue of justice delayed is an issue that concerns all; the rich, poor, women, adivasis, dalits etc. But the rich can hire “gladiators” to fight their cases, and the poor suffer the most with access to justice remaining largely on paper. When law has become a monopoly of lawyers and courts have become Casinos where the throw of the dice matters and not the case, it means our justice system is deteriorating. Therefore in such a system there is need for a justice movement !

Justice Corps is here to challenge the present status-quo, antediluvian, insensitive, costly, unfriendly justice system fearlessly, objectively, positively and constructively. Justice Corps is here to build networks with various groups and individuals having concern about various marginalised groups within the justice system. It is there to enable and empower each citizen to achieve equal, speedy and effective justice. Justice Corps is established to have an organised movement to give true meaning to our Constitutional ideals and not let it remain a mere rhetoric.


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