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Minutes of the fifth official meeting

Posted by justicecorps on March 7, 2007



A meeting was held at Rebello residence on Friday 2nd March 2007 from 7.00 to 11 PM.

The following were present:-

1. Dr. Leo Rebello in chair

2. Ganesh Sodaye

3. Sanket Kashid

4. Hemant Morajkar

5. Sangeeta Kadam

6. Jaya Konar

7. Vinayak Jadhav

8. Riji Nair

9. Pooja Kushwaha

10. Sagar Bhandare

11. Anil Parmar

12. Mrs. Kashmira Rebello

13. Robin Rebello

As per Ronald’s wish Rs.5000 each was given to Ganesh Sodaye and Sanket Kashid. They were reluctant to accept the same, but the parents of Ronald said that his last wish should be respected.

Likewise, Rs.10,000 will be sent to Sarvahara Jan Andolan as per Ronald’s wish, to which the parents may add some more, since Sarvahara is doing excellent work for the downtrodden. Two scholarships will be established at the Nirmala Niketan in memory of Ronald.

It was decided to bring out a book of Ronald’s work, to be released on 5th May 2007 — Ronald’s 25th Birthday. The rough contents of the said book are under:

1. The family remembers

2. Select Photographs

3. Ronald’s Letters to the Editors – Published and Unpublished

4. Ronald’s College Life

5. Sweden University and visit to other countries

6. Various campaigns undertaken by Ronald

7. Messages from his Friends and Faculty

8. Sarvahara Jan Andolan

9. Rationing Kruti Samiti

10. Justice Corps

11. Condolence messages.

12. Useful NGOs where his friends are working

Ronald’s friends will get in touch with the NN Faculty for their messages also also his other friends in Sarvahara, RKS, etc. and ask them to send messages with writer’s photograph/address to reach Dr. Leo Rebello by email (drleorebello@gmail.com or leorebello@hathway.com) by 10th March.


Other decisions taken:

1) Justice Corps being an Andolan will work under AILWA — a registered NGO of Conscience Keepers of India, established in 1980. Likewise, Litigants Welfare Forum will be affiliated to the AILWA, as also AIDS Alternativa and Gurukul Education Initiative.

2) The AILWA office bearers will be elected at the next meeting, change report submitted with the Charity Commissioner, 80-G IT certificate will be renewed and bank account transferred to a suitable bank in Kandivali East.

3) AILWA, Justice Corps, Litigants Welfare Forum meetings will be organised monthly or bi-monthly, topical books will be published, PILs taken out, advocacy work will be undertaken, education workshops and lecture series will be held on regular basis, and within 5 years all these NGOs will have land to have activities of permanent nature.

4)A bilingual newspaper called People’s Mandate or People’s Paper will be started on the lines of Asahi Simbhun of Japan and other major publications will be undertaken. 

5) Sanket, Hemant and Ganesh will oversee the Justice Corps work in consultation with the AILWA board, Mrs. Kashmira Rebello with Sangeeta and Riji will be focused on Gurukul System of Education, others will work on Litigants Welfare Forum, which will ask for a permanent room at the Bombay High Court to facilitate poor litigants and network with the Legal Aid Committee, Bar Council, Alternative Redressal Mechanism, etc. Letter-Writing, Rights based and other workshops will be conducted on regular basis in Bombay and other places.

6) Ronald’s friends who had assembled also promised to take away his clothes, other articles, files, books for distribution among the deserving.

Meeting ended with dinner and with a resolve to work for a New Life and better India.


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State of judiciary

Posted by justicecorps on March 5, 2007

Sanket S. Kashid, co-founder of Justice Corps, acquired information regarding pending cases in various cases in courts in Maharashtra. Given below, is a letter written to The Times of India and a digital copy of the reply received.

The dismal state of judiciary is quite evident from the findings.

Sanket Sudam Kashid
New Golden nest Complex,
Phase X, ‘A’ wing, Room no. 304,
Bhayander (E), Thane- 401105.
Mob.No. 98699 46890

Date: 01 March 2007.

The Editor,
The Times of

Sub: Pending cases in lower courts of

I had applied under Right to Information Act 2005 for the number of courts and pending cases in lower courts of
Maharashtra in Bombay High Court. The reply and application is attached to this message.

First I had applied to the Law & Judiciary dept., but they transferred it to the Bombay High Court because they didn’t have jurisdiction. I asked them information about family, consumer, labour, criminal, civil, revenue, human rights courts etc… But Revenue, Consumer and Human Rights courts are not under the control of High Court.

But the number of pending cases is horrible. And I think it should be publish, as this will tell clear picture of lower judiciary in Maharashtra. And still they have not done double shifts in criminal courts. Earlier Justice Corps (JC’s) campaign was against the non-implementation of RTI Act by the Judiciary in Maharashtra, but now it is against the obstacles in the rules framed. Some of the rules that create obstacles in accessing information are:

– Charging applicant Rs. 10 per Xerox copy when central rules keep it to a reasonable Rs. 2,

– Not providing info if it already exists on website, therefore making it difficult for computer-internet illiterate applicants to acquire information, etc.

Yours frankly,

Sanket S. Kashid
Justice Corps – www.justicecorps.wordpress.com

Statement showing number of courts and pending cases

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