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In loving memory

Posted by justicecorps on February 25, 2007

in memoriam

by Fayyaz Pathan

Ronald Rebello (25), son of Dr. Leo Rebello and Mrs. Kashmira Rebello and brother of Robin Rebello, passed away on Friday, 23rd February, 2007, after 25 days of high fever which remained undiagnosed or refused to reduce inspite of comprehensive tests and best of treatment, creating a heavy void for his friends and extreme grief for his family. All those present at his funeral said that a saint had died too young.

Ronald graduated (BSW) from the Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, in 2004, then went to Sweden on the prestigious SIDA Scholarship. Visited UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Finland and returned to India to work for the poor and downtrodden, like his father. His heart was with the Tribals.

Ronald also participated in the World Social Forum in Bombay and the European Social Forum in London, actively.

Presently he was doing his LL.B part II at the New Law College, Matunga, and, like his father Dr. Leo Rebello, was very active in social work. His letters to the editors were accurate, brief and clear.

He founded Justice Corps to educate people on Law and bring about much needed reforms. Next month he was bound for Japan on a Swiss scholarship, but Allah, the merciful, called him to His side.

Ronald’s friends will meet at the Rebello residence on Sunday 4th March to plan for future activities in his memory and to complete his unfinished goals; like he was working on 25 different manuscripts.

They also wish to bring out a book entitled Ronald Rebello — the saint who died young and institute scholarships at the Nirmala Niketan in his revered memory.

Ronald Rebello, R.I.P. Our sympathies to grief stricken parents, Mrs. Kashmira Rebello and Dr. Leo Rebello and his brother Robin Rebello. Readers of Agni Times may contact them on 28872741.



I still have not come to terms with the fact that you are not here, with us. My friend. My guide. My inspiration.

Thank you for being there for me. I am sorry for letting you down again, as I have in the past. My spirit mired in guilt, helplessness and angst, I look beyond for my answers but fail to find them. I only hope that time will heal.

In the depths of my soul, your memory will remain frozen, as a reminder of all good things that do exist.

You have passed on to the other side, in the company of those whom I cherish the most. If they permit me, I too, will follow.

Hemant Morajkar

Justice Corps


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