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Documentaion done by JC

Posted by justicecorps on January 9, 2007

The organisation has already done preliminary documentation on topics such as: 

§         Judicial delays and number of pending cases

§         Judges (Inquiry / Misconduct / Strikes)

§         Vigilance over Judges and Judiciary (National Judicial Commission and Special Investigation Department of HCs)

§         Legal Aid, access to courts (ie SC, HC benches) and Lok Adalats

§         Contempt of Court

§         Law Colleges / Law students / Law courses / Law internships

§         Lawyers/ lawyers’ strikes, Bar councils, foreign lawyers/ Law Clerks

§         Language of the law, of lawyers and the courts

§         Witnesses and whistle blowers

§         Family Courts

§         Personal laws

§         Judiciary – Executive tussle

§         Constitution of India

§         Women and Criminal Justice System (Rape, dowry etc)

§         Judicial system and forensic science

§         Caste and Judiciary / Reservation in Judiciary

§         National and state human rights commissions / SC ST Commissions / Women’s Commissions / Minority Commissions.

§         Prison, Prisoners and Courts

§         Modern Procedures, information technology in Judiciary (video conferencing, E-petitions etc).

§         Public Interest Litigation / Judicial Activism.

§         International Judicial Bodies (ICJ, ICC, European Court of Human Rights etc).

§         Electoral and political law.

§         Police encounters / Extra-judicial killings.

§         Draconian laws.

§         Police and Citizens.

§         Right to information (General).

§         Judiciary and Right to Information.

§         Corruption / Anti Corruption Bureau / Central Vigilance Commission

§         Lokayukta / Lokpal.

§         Judgespeak (Public interviews and lectures by judges).

§         Criminal Procedure (General).

§         Delayed Justice (Cases / stories).

§         Chapter Cases / Externment.


APPEAL: Justice Corps doesnot have funds for documentation. Contributions are needed for documentation such as 45 box-files, paper, gum, newspapers, magazines etc. This would come to around Rs. 8,000 annually.

We would appreciate if anyone can sponsor the same.


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